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Lay Education Online Learning

Wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that I’d have started this course let along how I’d been challenged by the tasks of learning outwardly and inwardly too.  It’s been a very broadening and deepening time in my life …


Are you looking for training or resources in your local area?:

  • a Lay Preacher candidate looking to begin or continue your study
  • a current Lay Preacher looking for some continuing education?
  • in a Pastor placement and needing to do some education to meet the Worship and Preaching competencies
  • someone undertaking a Period of Discernment and looking for some learning
  • a Worship leader looking for some training
  • a Minister or in a Pastor placement looking for resources to support education in your congregation/s
  • a home group leader looking for some challenging resources
  • someone looking to deepen their faith in God, and knowledge about the Bible, theology, worship, etc

There is now a set of resources developed by eLM that can be used in the above situations. The resources are available in an online format on the UCA Assembly’s Uniting Learning Platform (UL). Everyone in the VicTas Synod has access to these resources through their Presbytery. A number of Presbyteries are setting up, or expanding, learning groups or hubs – your Presbytery may be one of them!

Internet not great at home? The resources are also designed so that the base material can be downloaded and saved to your computer. Join your Presbytery’s learning hub – learn together – and download your learning material to work on at home.


Check out other posts in this section for glimpses of what the UL Platform and resources look like.


If you are interested in being involved, talk with your Presbytery education person.


Please note: These resources are recognised by the Assembly for Lay Preacher and Pastor placement training. They are not accredited by Pilgrim Theological College. If you are looking for courses that are accredited by an educational body, please check out Pilgrim’s web page for great upcoming courses. You will find some online ones as well as in class!

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