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Property Services consists of a broad, dedicated team of specialists from a wide range of property backgrounds who work with you to best manage your property needs for the common wealth of the Church. This ensures we are optimising our assets and remain focused on our mission directives.

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For more information, telephone 03 9251 5949 or email property@victas.uca.org.au​


Liaises with Presbytery Mission Committees and Presbytery Ministers for Mission and Education and Administration in respect to inquiring into and applying mission motivated development criteria when the various councils of the Church consider applications to acquire, build, lease or sell property. (Regulation 4.6 – Property Dealings).

Advocates for mission purposes within the operations of property services.

Represents practical missiology in respect the role and functions properties play within the Property Services unit, and in association with the presbytery Committees and Ministers.

  • ​Mission Motivated Development
  • Property Can Serve Mission Purposes Directly
  • Property Can Serve Mission Purposes Indirectly
  • The Purpose of Property is to Serve Mission, not Congregational Identity

Asset Management, Property Maintenance and Essential Services Planning

  • Real Estate Advisory Services
  • Building and Maintenance and Minor Works
  • Facilities Management and Maintenance
  • Property Management Services
  • Purchasing Property
  • Selling a Property
  • Leasing Property (Residential, Commercial and Retail)
  • Property Reviews
  • General Property Advice
  • Useful Websites

Projects and Development / Re-Development Management

  • Project Management Services
  • Projects and Development Services
  • Consultant Advice

Trusts and Bequests

  • Trusts Group
  • Trusts and the Church
  • ​Trusteeship of Trusts
  • Types of Gifts
  • Recording the Trust Terms
  • Investment of Trust Money
  • Tax Deductibility
  • Glossary

Forms and Resources

  • Forms
  • Resources
  • ​Process Flow Charts
  • Grants and Loans
  • Agreements

Boards and Committees


PART (Property Applications Review Team)

PART is a sub-committee of both the Property Board and BOMAR, and it receives and processes applications for property and finance matters. The committee meets fortnightly and the membership is comprised of staff including the Property Officer, Synod Legal Officer, Real Estate consultant and representatives from the Property Services Unit and the Commission for Mission.

PART provides a “one stop shop” for congregations on property and finance matters, and has delegated authority from both Boards to make decisions within respective policies and authority limits.  PART reports to the monthly meetings of both Boards regarding the decisions made, and refers any applications outside policy or authority level. Property matters include applications to lease, build, purchase and sell. Finance matters include applications for a loan, grant (Disability Access Fund or Emergency), use of property sale proceeds, and establishment of an Interest Only Mission Fund (IOMF).

PART also receives the mission discernment applications “Form 1 Getting Started” and “Form 2 Discerning and Deciding”. ​The committee provides feedback as necessary, and ensures that the discernment process has occurred and is documented particularly for building projects, access to property sale proceeds and establishment of an IOMF. ​