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Occupational Health & Safety

Church facilities and worship centres are workplaces and we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all occupants, such as employees, residents, clients, congregation members, visitors, contractors and volunteers.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of workplace policies, procedures and checklists.

To report an incident, fill out the Incident Report & Investigation Form


Contractor and consultant safety management  

All Contractors or Consultants must be pre-qualified and have completed our Linksafe online safety management induction before starting work at any UCA property. 

This manages risk (as reasonably possible) to ensure Contractors and Consultants are responsible for their health and safety. 

Each person who is employed by the Contractor or Consultant will receive their induction via their employer and all Contractors and Consultants must be pre-qualified as preferred suppliers to the Church.

The induction provides a robust way to deal with compliance, creating a safer environment for UCA employees, volunteers, contractors, congregation members and visitors. It also reduces the administration for local projects.

The induction does not apply to major projects, where the principal contractor manages the site. In this instance, the OH&S commitments are made through the major works building contract.  

In the Related Documents section below, you will find information on UCA and Contractor/Consultant obligations.

Good contract management ensures both parties meet their respective obligations as efficiently and effectively as possible. 


What congregations now need to do

  • Add a contact person’s details to the QR Code poster and display at the entrance to the building or in a prominent position
  • Send the Contractor & Consultant Safety Obligations flyer to all your contractors
  • To start the pre-qualification and induction process, email the contractor or consultant’s company name and an email address to synodohs@victas.uca.org.au
  • View proof of inductions by all contractors before they begin work, which includes:
    • Asking contractors and their workers to scan the Linksafe QR code.
    • Checking proof of induction is displayed on the contractor’s mobile phone (look for a green smiley face).
    • Contact Synod Safety Officer Elnura Dulakovic (0416 319 162) if the contractor or consultant cannot provide proof of induction.
    • Remind the contractor or consultant they cannot begin work until they have completed the induction.
    • Direct contractors and consultants to review the site plan for emergency arrangements.
    • Report any incident, even if no one is injured.
    • Remind contractors to isolate their work from all people with barriers or other means.
    • Remind contractors to check the asbestos register before beginning any demolition, building or repair work.


General enquiries: synodohs@victas.uca.org.au

Elnura Dulakovic
Synod Safety Officer
03 9116 1949 or 0416 319 162


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