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Guidelines for Safe Digital Ministry UPDATED

The following resources are prepared for ministry agents and volunteers to ensure digital ministry remains a safe experience for all people, including the most vulnerable.

Guidelines from the Synod of Vic/Tas Culture of Safety Unit

The Culture of Safety Unit has prepared some guidelines for leaders and communities, offering commentary and interpretation of how our existing Child Safety resources and policies, and the Uniting Church Code of Ethics, continue to shape our digital ministry practices.


Advice from the National Safe Church Unit

Rev John Cox, Director of the NSCU, has offered advice and direction for congregations and leaders during this pandemic.

Being a Safe Church in Cyber Space (PDF)

e-Safety Commissioner Resources

The Government’s eSafety Commissioner has released updated advice and resources to ensure online safety. You can access these via the eSafety Commissioner website.

We will continue to update guidelines and resources around safe ministry practices as they become available.

Online tips from the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian

Online-safety-for-children (PDF)


Additional Advice regarding Zoom Meeting Security

To ensure your Zoom meeting is secure, here are some easy steps to take:

  1. Use a meeting password (N.B. Zoom has enabled passwords as a default for all new meetings)
  2. Enable ‘waiting rooms’ – meeting attendees land in a virtual waiting room, and the meeting host provides access to the meeting
  3. Lock the meeting when all participants have arrived

For more information and advanced options, read the Zoom Security White Paper


Find more practical resources for ministry during this  Covid-19 period at www.ucayouth.org.au

Find worship resources for services during this Covid-19 period here

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