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Congregational leadership

There are thirteen (13) Congregation leadership DIY modules which explore topics important for those who lead, or wish to lead, in congregations or faith communities.

These topics are:

E1 The Ministry of the Church Council
E2 The Ministry of Elder within the Congregation
E3 Communication issues for Elders
E4 Grief Care
E5 The Ministry of Elder: Pastoral Visitor
E6 The Ministry of Elder: Crisis care
E7 Leadership of Worship: Intercessory Prayer
E8 Lay Presidency at Baptism
E9 Lay Presidency at Holy Communion
E10 Communion beyond the gathered congregation
E11 Pastoral care with older people
E12 Dementia and Pastoral care
E13 Dementia Friendly Congregations

Remember, these modules are designed for you to work through on your own, preferably in groups, or on your own if necessary. To access, all you have to do is to click on each topic, and download your modules for free.

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